Hey all, I'm Clive and I have been trading the Forex market for close to 3 damn long years. It have always been a dream to be writing my analysis and having a million views (which I think is quite unrealistic). If you're interested, I'm trading with price action!

How this blog came about?
  • The lack of a Singapore Forex Community 
    • I'm not talking about those MLM community or those that requires you to pay money - I'm talking about a community that genuinely wants to share their ideas for discussions and improvements)
  • The importance of a community 
    • Being a retail trader (trade at home) it can be really boring especially if you have very little like minded friends or friends who shares the same interest. 
How can you join this community?

You can simply email me your interest or your analysis and state how you like to be address in this blog! Remember to state your website if you're a blogger too and I'll affiliate you :) 

P.s As I'm not tech-savvy so please pardon the "continuous W-I-P" functions.